Goldman Sachs earnings call

July 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs had a blowout second quarter, exceeding high expectations on its strong trading gains.

At a time when much of the financial industry is still struggling with the legacies of debt and leverage, the success of Goldman is riveting.  Yet as Matthew Goldstein has written, exactly how Goldman makes its huge gains remains largely a mystery.   Maybe, just maybe, some light will be shed when the firm holds a conference call on the results at 11 a.m. today.  Reuters columnists will be live blogging the call here.

Member of the public can listen in by 1-888-281-7154 (sorry, I earlier gave the replay number).

And the fascination with Goldman is also about the role the firm plays in the mind of the public — as emblematic of all that is successful, powerful and suspicious about Wall Street.  Indeed as Felix Salmon noted the other day, thanks to Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article,  “It’s pretty much impossible now to talk or even think about Goldman without a squid springing to mind.”

 Think squid.


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