Who is left to run Jefferson County?

August 3, 2009

Jefferson County, which has become the poster child for corrupt municipalities getting burned by the credit crisis, let go two thirds of its employees today as it struggles to stay afloat, according to Reuters. Though Jefferson County is an extreme example, it’s a reminder of the very real pain local governments and economies feel when fund raising is no longer an option.


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I would say this is good news for all the Republicans who live in Jefferson County. The GOP seems to have an intense dislike of all things government related – let them have as little of it as possible as kind of a \”be careful what you wish for\”.

All of their whining about long lines, etc can be rebuffed by simply asking them \”Do you want bigger government?\” =)

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You reap what you sew.

This county waste millions on affirmative action and contract set asides that prevent jobs going to the most qualified or the company that can do it the cheapest. I say it serves them right for their discriminatory actions against whites for years.

By the way, I live in Blount county, and we have this crazy idea where money is spent on the best qualified or these that can do it for the best price… and the funny thing is we run surpluses up here in the county next to Jefferson.

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