Early links, Aug. 20

August 20, 2009

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has an important board meeting on Wednesday. On the agenda for discussion: private-equity bidders for failed banks and the impact of accounting changes affecting off-balance-sheet vehicles. (FDIC)

The road to a market recovery. (Doug Short, via Clusterstock)

A FASB proposal would mean that insurers could no longer treat “deferred acquisition costs” — sales commissions and other expenses — as an asset. Expect huge writedowns if this comes to pass. (Jonathan Weil)

The pendulum swinging too far the other way? An Illinois homeowner has sued Wells Fargo, contending that the bank reduced his home equity line of credit by 59 percent by undervaluing his home. (Reuters)

Was the small size of Iceland to blame for the collapse of its banking system? No, argues, perhaps not surprisingly, an Icelandic economist. (Vox EU)

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