Dude, what happened to my 10K Wizard

August 28, 2009

I’m a big fan of 10K Wizard. I have been for years. It’s a far better way to search SEC filings than using Edgar–even though it costs money.

 So it didn’t surprise me that Morningstar bought 10K Wizard about a year ago–someone was bound to. And up until this point Morningstar pretty much has left 10K Wizard alone, except for slapping its name on the website.

But suddenly today, when I went to 10K Wizard to do some document searching, I noticed that the site had been rebranded, “Morningstar Document Research.” Uggh.

For now. this boring name change appears to be the only thing different with 10K Wizard. On the blog for the search engine, Morningstar says it doesn’t plan any major changes beyond this “cosmetic” move.

I hope that’s true. But this new name is just so lame.


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