Madoff verdict: The SEC is plain incompetent

September 2, 2009

A lengthy report examining the many ways the Securities and Exchange Commission botched its investigations of Bernie Madoff tells us something we already knew: the SEC can be awfully incompetent.

The report by the SEC Inspector General quickly dispenses with the notion that regulators either protected Madoff or covered-up their investigatory failures. But that’s the best that can be said for the SEC in this massive undertaking.

For now, the IG has released a 22-page summary of his findings. But a full 450-page book, outlining all the gory details of regulatory bungling, will hit the shelves in the coming days.

SEC Chair Mary Schapiro commenting on the IG’s findings says Madoff is a “failure we continue to regret.” She says the agency is already reforming its ways and promises not to miss the next $65 billion Ponzi scheme.


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