September 14, 2009

George Magnus: “In the second half of 2009, prepare to be surprised again. The bounce from depressed levels, the temporary effect of inventory rebuilding and the continuing effects of fiscal and financial stimulus could drive economic growth a little faster than people expect.” – Times

Tony Jackson on valuing takeovers: “The bidder has a specific number in mind for the target’s value. So before getting down to haggling, shareholders must guess that number. Too low and they are robbed, too high and the bidder walks away.” – FT

“Dubai sovereign wealth funds are leveraged like private equity funds.” – Bloomberg

“According to Goldman’s sampling, of the top 100 hedge funds, only five have more than $10 billion in equity assets under management.” – All About Alpha (HT Alea)

BIS advises higher taxes for big banks – WSJ

Gold investors warned to liquidate after “buying frenzy” – Telegraph

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