September 16, 2009

Martin Wolf: “Above all, the true insurers of the financial system can be seen in our mirrors.” – FT

Claus Vistesen: Is the ECB doing quantitative easing or not? – Fistful of Euros

Simon Johnson and James Kwak: “If moral hazard cannot be effectively minimized, then the alternative solution is stricter regulation.” – WaPo

The cost to protect against a failure by Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and 12 of the other biggest derivatives dealers dropped 66 percent in the past six months. – Bloomberg

Warren Buffett doesn’t check the voicemail on his mobile phone – Telegraph

Lending by bailed out US banks drops for sixth consecutive month – Zerohedge

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Ominous, all of it.

Now we are self proclaimed insurance sales people too, not only tax payers.

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