Comments on: Why Russia needs America Now raising intellectual capital Sun, 08 Nov 2015 08:31:30 +0000 hourly 1 By: 300grm Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:52:58 +0000 Let’s remember…..Russia invaded Poland with the Nazi’s. Let’s remember that and if we ignored the Soviet Union…it may have been from these “compulsions:”. And just as a side note…how many of his own people did Stalin kill?

By: Matt K Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:40:37 +0000 It’s hard to change your ways when everyone involved grew up in the Cold War.

By: krishnamurthi ramachandran Wed, 23 Sep 2009 11:23:26 +0000 Dear friend,
good and an interesting article from you.
Whatever you said is partially true.
Please go back to second world war history,How Russia,U.K.and America had joined as a powerful allies for elimination of Hitler!s world occupations.
America and U.K.had ignored Russia in the initial stages of world war second, then due to compulsions, they have included Russia into their allies.
Then, power of influences have changed and indirectly shared by stronger economic,social and political set up.
I do not think that,Russia wants America for greater extents.
Of course,Russia is facing some domestic economic pressures on account of poor patronage to modern IT and latest communication sectors.
Russia has huge energy resources,some disciplined labor power,and America have tremendous advantages in IT and Communication latest updates.
Now,American President wants to try of his new,latest approaches for world burning problems with Russia and other super powers.
This is like barter system in old schools of thought,mutual understanding and mutual cooperation in modern school words for both either maintaining or enlarging or for world eyes.

By: corvus Tue, 22 Sep 2009 20:27:39 +0000 I don’t beleive that the US changed their strategy (by deciding against the old system and putting a mobile system in place) with much of a thought to the Russians except maybe what their reaction would be. They changed the strategy to better address what needed to be done against rogue missiles.

The fact the Russians like the idea is a side-effect.

Even if the US were to disappear into a black hole, the remaining NATO members would remain the most powerful military block in the world. Russia, with a large shared border with China to stare at and internal problems galore does not seem an aggressive threat – though it certainly seems to defend its assumed interests aggressively.

Ongoing border and business issues with former members of the old Soviet Empire are my prediction.

The best the Russian military could do in a large conflict is to hold together long enough to fling catastrophic missile damamge on its enemies before collapsing… and who wants to have a lose-lose war unless you have to?

By: Alex Chaihorsky Tue, 22 Sep 2009 16:58:02 +0000 I am also Alex and lived in Russia 35 years and also against my will. Spent 11 years trying to leave the country, hated its politics and hated when they won’t allow me to leave.


1. That does not make me a blind. I distinguish between my personal attitude toward the country and my ability to see how the West stupidly breaks its own promises and pushed Russia back toward the its authoritarian past. I blame Daddy Bush, because in early 1990-ies when Russia was well on the way out of its past he made the country suffer economically and basically wanted to show the Slavs their place… I think his Germanic roots and the fact that Bush family had major stake in Nazi economy that was destroyed by Russian military at th eend of WW2 played major role in the emotional make up of such decision on his part, but I have no proof to that.

Russia is a land power, not sea power like England and the US, it is not surrounded by a natural barrier against invasion like sea powers and naturally has a completely different attitude toward the security of its borders. That is their biggst concern, was is and always will be, as log as dichotomy between land powers and sea powers exist.
With Gorbachev trusting Reagan and his promises not to bring NATO closer to Russian borders a new situation was created where Russians dropped their suspicions and opened up almost overnight. But the West stupidly broke its promise for a quick political gain and Russia’s worst nightmare having NATO right on its borders did happen. So, do not blame them for rebuilding their defensive and oversuspicious stance.
They are 100% justified not to trust the West – you hear it from me, a man spent good part of his life fighting and hating commies and who was arrested in 1980 for sending Reagan a congratulatory telegramm from Main Post office in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg).

Alex Chaihorsky (my real name)
Reno, Nevada.

By: cloggy Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:20:33 +0000 I have a question in return: when did Russia ever receive anything in return for its services to US foreign policy? USA and NATO behave like the alpha male who jealously guards its entitlement to the best bits and pieces, and meets any challenge to its position with aggression. Let’s not fool ourselves: Russia does not need anybody when it manages to get organized.
From times immemorial the Germanic nations – these days called “The West” and the Slavic nations are hereditary arch foes. Synergy between the two antagonists simply does not exist. Which does not imply that trade relationship are impossible. In fact, Russia has always been a reliable supplier – even in dire times and shortly before one of the Germanic nations launched an attack. There are plenty examples in history.
I hate to say, that for Russia any alliance with any Germanic nation forebodes a new war. If it keeps its defenses up – it is the only thing that makes sense. Temptations to conquer Russia’s natural resources are simply too big.

By: Casper Lab Tue, 22 Sep 2009 07:48:28 +0000 It is good to see participation from other continents. If Russia is allowed into NATO, it would not be NATO anymore. We are already living in World War 3: terrorism, rebels, warlords and gangsters.

Is Russia really not part of the WTO ? That would be odd.

By: Lidiana Moldovan Tue, 22 Sep 2009 06:55:41 +0000 I understand the russians. their situation repeats everywhere in the world these days.
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By: Anon Tue, 22 Sep 2009 01:26:14 +0000 The Soviet Union may have collapsed.

But the same people are still in charge of Russia. The same government forces control the economy. The same nationalism is portrayed by the media. The same cult of personality is held by a ‘fearless leader’. Reporters still fall out of buldings. And the same old ‘threat diplomacy’ which started back in 1950 is used today.

Those who think Russia should be in NATO have completely lost the point. NATO was created to protect Europe from Russia and it’s allies. And this is why NATO still exists today.

Of course, there is little chance that Russia and NATO will duke it out in Europe. Instead, the battles are subtle. Like Russian anti-air missiles and nuclear material heading to Iran. Or armed terror groups somehow getting their hands on a cashe of sophisticated anti-tank missiles. And of course, the ever present VETO vote in the security council which protects Iran and North Korea from global action.

Georgia was the wake-up call. When Russia just happened to have a whole army on Georgia’s border, ready to respond within 24 hours of initial Georgian movement.

Make no mistake, Russia is not a friend. Any cooperation between it and the West is simply a frosty charade, put on to keep people from thinking the cold war is back.

By: acer18 Mon, 21 Sep 2009 23:45:45 +0000 I agree with Dr. Gonzo.. having been in the US military establishment for about 20 yrs, I have to admit that bringing or at least the offer of allowing Russia admittance to NATO would definitely be something to see.

If Russia completed the process of gaining admittance to NATO, that would certainly shift power in the world. Of course it would also lessen the power that the US would be able to wield within NATO and the US defense crazies would never stand for it. They need someone to make the US general population fear out of stupidity. They have had over 40 years to try to prove that the Russian people are ‘bogey men’.

The Russian people are no more ‘bogey men’ than Americans are ‘bogey men’ to Russians.

But… hey, if politicians would stop telling everyone that someone hates them, politicians would have to do teh really hard work… like fixing the things that have broken down in this country for the past 40 or so years.

And, everyone knows how AMericans never want to fix something or repair something, but we sure as hell can give our money away for war in a ‘new york minute’ and send an new generation of young Americans off to die in stupid wars like we have done in both ‘gulf offenses’. yeah, I called offenses, not wars because it’s a siumple fact of US law that ONLY the US congress can declare WAR. our pres can call it whatever he wants to call it but it’s still war and the last 3 wars we havent gotten anything good from it.