Calling all HFT victims

September 22, 2009

Now that the SEC has rebuffed my request to gather information about investor complaints about high-frequency trading, I’m calling on you for help.

If you have sent a complaint in the past year complaining about HFT and the impact it is having on particular stocks, or the broader market, I’d like to hear from you. You can reach me by email:

Let’s make sure the regulators are doing their jobs.


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Matthew, the regulators ARE doing their jobs. Their job is to protect their clients from the prying eyes and influence of individual investors. Let’s all stop pretending that the SEC has its original charter intact, shall we?

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No individual trader would have any idea “about HFT and the impact it is having on particular stocks, or the broader market.” HFT is an arms race just like anything else in this world. If you have the money to buy speed you can beat your competition. This is like saying that we need to take away all the desktop computers from Fortune 500 companies because their ability to send/receive e-mail and create Word documents is an unfair advantage over mom and pop shops who can’t afford a PC/Mac. This is progress, if you can’t keep up get out of the way.

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