Will GM pick a German to run GM Europe?

November 6, 2009

OPEL/It looks as though General Motors will soon be looking for a new executive to run GM Europe, which includes its troubled Opel unit.

The U.S. carmaker needs someone with credibility within Germany as well as within the car industry if it replaces GM Europe head Carl-Peter Forster.

There are a few German industry heavyweights about who could do the job.

How about former Continental CEO Manfred Wennemer, who knows a lot about tyres and auto parts? Or Porsche’s former boss and golden-boy Wendelin Wiedeking? Or Daimler’s Wolfgang Bernhardt, who recently took over running the Mercedes-Benz van unit?

All have the right credentials, although Wiederking may have too much baggage (and too much money after his pay-off from Porsche to want to do the job).

Bernhardt would be a good bet, but what would GM have to offer him to lure him away from his vans?

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