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Give your favourite UK NED the nod


FILM-OSCARS/Non-executive directors — particularly at certain British banks — are not exactly flavour of the month.

There has been widespread questioning of what precisely it is many non-execs actually do, other than take home a sometimes handsome reward for attending a scattering of board meetings.

The promoters of the annual NED (Non-Executive Directors) Awards 2009 — which are presumably the boardroom equivalent of the Oscars — put a positive spin on their role:

The appointment of a Non-Executive Director (NED) can highly influence the success of an organisation

Apple-Google learn corporate governance 1.0

The resignation of Google CEO Eric Schmidt from Apple’s board should come as no surprise to anyone with an inkling of what corporate governance means.

But then Silicon Valley’s idea of corporate boards has long consisted of cozy, interlocking directorships which would be considered collusion in most other industries.