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Chicken and Koenigsegg

I received something of a flaming at the hands of some readers for making a few gentle digs at the presumptions of Koenigsegg – a tiny Swedish sports car maker that is trying to buy Saab from General Motors. In particular, I was chided for not having done my homework before pronouncing – the implication being that I was too lazy to uncover the vast host of facts lying around out there in the public domain that would reveal even to a total dunderhead the merits and sense of this transaction.

Well, it would certainly have made for a shorter post had I stuck to these “facts”.

Here for the record are the public facts that I was able to uncover: Koenigsegg has not denied that it is interested in buying Saab. Er, that’s pretty much it.

What about the mystery backers for the bid? They’ve never been identified. Koenigsegg’s 49 percent shareholder, a Norwegian entrepreneur called Baard Eker, has told the media that he is tired of all the speculation and that he isn’t going to say anything until there is – or isn’t – a deal. He is apparently tired of being phoned up about it because his wife has just had a baby. Koenigsegg don’t even seem to have any bankers.