Team Obama punts again on derivatives

August 11, 2009

The Obama administration formally sent its plan for regulating derivatives to Capitol Hill today. And to no one’s surprise, the key proposal in the 115-bill is a plan to regulate “standard” derivatives on regulated exchanges of clearinghouses.

What derivatives, porn have in common

August 7, 2009

The key to the Obama administration’s plan to bring order to the murky world of derivatives ultimately rests on the definition of what is a standard run-of-the mill derivative.

It’s not all golden at Goldman

August 6, 2009

It’s hard to find much to quibble about with Goldman Sachs’ second-quarter performance–at least from a dollars perspective.

Barclays’ yo-yo balance sheet

August 3, 2009

Talk about deleveraging. By far the most striking number in Barclays’ first-half profits concerns its balance sheet:

Lehman D-Day

July 20, 2009

It’s taken awhile, but a deadline for filing claims in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy has finally been set and it’s Sept. 22.

Geithner comes up empty

July 10, 2009

Tim Geithner took center stage on Capitol Hill today and once again he disappointed.

Contrarian Capital…not so much

July 8, 2009

With a name like Contrarian Capital one would think this Greenwich, Conn. hedge fund would have been savvy enough to sniff-out the impending trouble at Lehman Brothers. But apparently, the managers of Contrarian weren’t contrarian enough.

When derivatives go bad

July 2, 2009

THUD! That’s the sound a busted derivative trade makes when it lands at the courthouse steps.

The DIY way to track derivatives

July 1, 2009

With all the talk about greater regulation of derivatives, there already is one way for average investors to get a glimpse into this murky world of high finance–although calling it a glimpse might be overstating things.

Indexing the elite’s creditworthiness

June 29, 2009

This isn’t such a good sign for developed nations. Markit, the administrator of popular credit derivative indexes, has created another long-winded index, the Markit iTraxx SovX G7, to track the ups and downs in default risk perceptions of elite industrialized nations.