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What sentence should a Ponzi get


Federal prosecutors are sort of boxing themselves in when it comes to sentencing requests for big Ponzimeisters.

Bernie Madoff, the king of Ponzis, got 150 years. And now federal prosecutors in NY are seeking an almost equally as punitive 145-year sentence for Marc Dreier, the mastermind of a much, much smaller Ponzi that fleeced some hedge funds out of some $400 million.

Dealbreaker’s Bess Levin surmises that Dreier, who was arrested in December a few days before Madoff, must be disappointed because he’s once again been upstaged by Bernie.

OK, I can understand the 150-year sentence for Madoff. Sure, it was overkill but it was intended to send a message as much as anything else. But Dreier is a mere Ponzi piker compared to Bernie.