The $1.2 billion fraud alleged at Russia’s largest bank

January 22, 2010

Tucked away on page 4 of the Moscow Times today there is a remarkable article which made me wonder whether I wasn’t hallucinating.

Russia’s shocking corruption belies Medvedev’s tough rhetoric

November 20, 2009

Everyone knows that Russia is corrupt, but did you know just how corrupt? The short answer is: more than any other country. That, at least, is the conclusion of a survey just published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which examines the level of economic crime around the world.

Is UBS’s 8 million pound fine enough?

November 6, 2009

Not long ago, UBS was the pride and joy of its Swiss home. There it was, slugging it out with the big boys, and making a fair fist of joining the bulge bracket banks from New York.

The SEC’s animal house

September 3, 2009

Mary Schapiro wants her lawyers and investigators at the Securities and Exchange Commission to go back to school. Specifically, she wants them to enroll in something she calls “fraud college.”

SEC is still fumbling the ball

July 9, 2009

Maybe someday the Securities and Exchange Commission will figure out what to do when it gets a credible tip about potential wrongdoing. But judging by the agency’s handling of a recent investor complaint, the nation’s top securities cop has a long way to go.

Alex on Stanford

June 19, 2009

Alex Dalmady, the man who got the ball rolling on R. Allen Stanford, has the last word of the day on the alleged $7 billion scamster.

Stanford: a little help from his friends

June 19, 2009

stanford3You can officially called R. Allen Stanford the alleged criminal mastermind of a giant multi-year Ponzi scheme.

Sir Allen arrested

June 19, 2009

Finally. R. Allen Stanford, the alleged mastermind of the second largest Ponzi scheme on record, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday evening and will be officially criminally charged on Friday.

BofA and the fraudster

June 11, 2009

Ken Lewis spent much of the day on Capitol Hill getting grilled about Bank of America’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch during the heat of the financial crisis. But Lewis may have bigger things to worry about down the road, as his bank’s past dealings with a hedge fund fraudster just won’t go away.