Frank shines some light on G.E.

July 30, 2009

The price of reduced political risk? For General Electric, it’s worth some $6 billion of added market value this morning.

G.E. waits for Washington to drop the ball

July 28, 2009

Gridlock in Washington is not always welcome, but General Electric appears to have placed much of its hopes for GE Capital on it.

You know Jack

June 22, 2009

Jack Welch, still a corporate icon even as the luster of the Imperial CEO has dimmed, is getting into online education. The former General Electric chief executive is investing $2 million for a 12 percent stake in Chancellor University, the Wall Street Journal reports. As part of the deal, the school’s MBA program will be named the Jack Welch Institute. Welch and his wife, Suzy, will have some hands-on involvement, helping to recruit faculty and shape the curriculum.