Galleon’s edge

October 17, 2009

The arrest of hedge fund millionaire Raj Rajaratnam on charges that he and his $7 billion Galleon Group hedge fund profited from illegal insider trading will no doubt feed suspicion in some corners about the way hedge funds generate fat profits.

Stella Artois becomes real hedge fund investor

September 15, 2009

HEDGEHOGSIt seems like a gutsy time to be advertising a hedge fund in newspapers and across billboards in London.

Stones and glass houses, offshore tax haven edition

September 4, 2009

One of the week’s more amusing stories takes us to the sun-kissed shores of the Cayman Islands, scuba diver’s paradise, magnet for hedge funds and – until very recently – world-beating tax haven.

Eddie and the losers

August 20, 2009

Why are there financiers who think that they — and they alone — can run businesses where nearly everyone else who has tried has failed? There is Guy Hands with EMI and Cerberus Capital Mangement with Chrysler, but Exhibit A has to be hedge fund manager Eddie Lampert’s nearly four-year adventure with Sears.

Insana the pitchman

June 26, 2009

Ron Insana once was one of the better journalists/personalities on CNBC, but then he decided to go into the hedge fund business and failed miserably. Now reports he’s teamed up with to produce a product that let’s you trade along with the former cable anchor and “make more money in the markets.”