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Stella Artois becomes real hedge fund investor


HEDGEHOGSIt seems like a gutsy time to be advertising a hedge fund in newspapers and across billboards in London.

Until you realise at second glance that the adverts are a spoof by InBev-owned lager brand Stella Artois which is trying to boost its green and recycling credentials with some whacky marketing.

With slogans such as “An Investor measures the growth of his hedge fund” and “Once upon a time a hedge fund was just that”, the ads initially catch the eye of those of us interested in financial services.

The question is whether they’ll get people buying and drinking more Stella Artois beer. The beermaker is hoping to boost its sales by promising to work with The Tree Council to plant hedgerows across Britain — to help wildlife and soak up CO2 — if you buy a special pack of its lager.