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The EC bank smackdown

Dexia and ING’s recent decisions to call some of their subordinated debt has puzzled market observers, as they seem to fly in the face of the European Commission and its crusade on burden-sharing for banks that have received state aid.

The Commission wants junior creditors of bailed-out banks to share some of the pain along with the public sector, and wants to make sure public funds aren’t used to repay equity or junior debt if a bank can’t. Holders of some of RBS’ subordinated debt recently found this out to their horror when the bank chose not to call the bonds at the first opportunity. The Dexia and ING bondholders, by contrast, will have had a nice pay day. The Dexia upper tier 2 bond was trading below par in the mid 70s area, according to CreditSights.

It looks like the EC wasn’t too pleased with Dexia and ING’s generosity, as last night it issued a stiff press release reminding banks of its rules. That’s not good news for any bondholders who had been hoping that the Dexia and ING calls may have signalled a thawing in the EC’s stance.

Here’s the EC statement:

State aid: Commission recalls rules concerning Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital transactions for banks subject to a restructuring aid investigation