Kingman to go private

July 28, 2009

John KingmanSo John Kingman is leaving UK Financial Investments “in due course” to spend more time with the private sector. That, at least, is the line put out by Robert Peston, the BBC reporter who could sometimes be confused for his personal press officer, on his blog.

No early bank exit for Britain

July 13, 2009

John Kingman has finally stated the obvious. After nine months of near-silence, the civil servant responsible for managing the UK government’s bank shareholdings has piped up to say Britain must be patient in recovering the 35 billion pounds it has so far injected into Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group.

Managing incentives, UK banks edition

July 13, 2009

Confused about the British government’s approach to its bank investments? You’re in good company.┬áConsider the following statements from Royal Bank of Scotland and its main shareholder(emphasis is ours):