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from MediaFile:

The Web 3.0 Echo Chamber

There's not much news coming out of D7, the Internet executive chat fest, other than that Yahoo's new CEO is willing to accept "boatloads of money" to sell the company's Web search business, if Microsoft were willing to pay. They are still talking, sort of. But that is so-o-o last's year's story. Move on.

Confererence organizers Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg are looking to stir up a debate by declaring that the Web 2.0 era of the internet is over and Web 3.0 is underway.  

We think something major is happening at the intersection of tech and media, and we think it deserves its own new hyped-up name: Web 3.0.

Their definition of Web 3.0 centers on the rise of cloud computing and the delivery of a host of Web services to easy to use mobile devices running simple clean software. The iPhone, Blackberry, Google, Twitter. In the absence of news, let's dredge up an old buzzword.