Special pleading from the Bearded One

October 23, 2009

Sky tv has a special place in British wallets. It’s the only way for couch potatoes to get their footie fix, and BSkyB, an offshoot of the worldwide Murdoch empire, knows how to charge for it. This is jolly unfair, Richard Branson writes in Friday’s FT. With more consumer choice, the fans wouldn’t need one of those horrid Sky dishes, or be forced to lock themselves into 12-month contracts with dozens of channels they never watch.

Branson alert: not another IPO

July 29, 2009

Is there anything less plausible than the idea of an IPO of Virgin Galactic, the space tourism venture that is the latest jewel in Richard Branson’s crown?

Business (class) is grim for British Airways

July 3, 2009

british-airwaysFewer people are “flying the flag” these days.

And British Airways is feeling the pinch — particularly in business class.

The carrier’s latest figures show BA carried 3.8 percent fewer passengers in June than last year, with most of the fall in premium class seats, where traffic dropped by nearly 15 percent.