Ex-Google China chief’s dream factory

By Wei Gu
September 14, 2009

Google’s former China head Kai-Fu Lee wants to create China’s next internet giant in a factory. He believes that by combining the smartest entrepreneurs, the shrewdest business people and the brightest business ideas, he will be able to create five highly sellable companies a year. That sounds like an ideal model for venture capital, but is he being realistic?

Khosla’s bet on cleantech looks speculative

September 9, 2009

If the world is counting on innovative companies to solve global warming, we may be in trouble. Venture investment in cleantech is slumping. Venture capitalists in the US poured $2 billion into 139 cleantech start-ups in the first half of 2008, according to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers. In the first half of this year, venture investments in the sector plummeted to $513 million in 89 companies.

Start-ups better off with angels than VCs

July 22, 2009

Self-financed angel investors are often found where venture capitalists fear to tread. They typically provide seed financing to start-ups that is counted in the thousands or tens of thousands instead of the millions VCs have to throw around.

from MediaFile:

Less and less funding for venture green shoots

July 13, 2009

VC fundrasing falls off cliff

Hard-pressed private equity firms complain a lot about the difficulties in making classic leveraged buyouts work. Some talk of elbowing in on early-stage investments of the sort which venture capital is known. They won't have lots of competition from incumbents.