Getting ready for the dollar’s fall

August 19, 2009

It just won’t go away, this needling worry about the U.S. dollar losing its coveted top-dog status.

Should I be short London property?

August 19, 2009

Has London’s residential property market bottomed out?

This question has a particular resonance for my husband and me. We are in the middle of selling our London flat. So, unless we buy again immediately, we will be short London property.

Key support in Treasurys holding

June 11, 2009

Despite momentum toward higher yields, the key support level of 4% on the 10-year Treasury note is still holding after two attempts to break through. A breach of that level could ignite another round of selling with a potential added push from mortgage investors who need to shed long-term securities like Treasurys to hedge their holdings in a rising rate environment. 10-year currently around 3.95%, down slightly from the 3.99% yield paid when the note was reopened Wednesday.