Desperate times. NJ employees steal gasoline from state

June 12, 2008

Just as the U.S. Department of Energy was telling the American public to brace for gasoline prices up to $4.15 cents this summer, 13 people were indicted in New Jersey on charges of stealing the increasingly pricey fuel  from the state, according to a press release on the NJ Attorney General’s website.

Twelve of the people charged with gasoline theft were New Jersey government employees, who allegedly filled up their personal vehicles at state-owned gas pumps. The degrees of theft varied wildly, from stealing 12 gallons to more than $1,000 worth gasoline, the press release said.

But with the average price of gasoline now north of $4 per gallon, the alleged gasoline thieves may have company. According to the Petroleum Marketers Association of America, “drive-off” thefts, where customers fill up and then take off without paying are on the rise.


I remember when I first drove in the US I was surprised that there aren’t generally locks on the fuel-tank cap. This is included on almost all European vehicles. The reason, I was told, was that fuel is so cheap. I wonder whether the next thing that’ll happen is theft of fuel from cars?

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At this rate, stealing fuel from cars comes to mind. In 1973 when the finding of a gas station WITH Gas was rare, especially on the days, you were not assigned to purchase, which at that time was only 2 days per week in N.J. and at then , could only purchase $ 3.00 each fill-up. Prices were $ 1.50 per-gallon. Now those where the ” good old days” … You should have a key-lock on your gas cap, at all times. Gone to buy one now…


I can remember in 1978 rushing to convert my fleet to LPG because the Clean Air Act Amendment 1977 required fleets to be converted to cleaner fuels. Then the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 specifically required state fleets to be converted to alternative fuel vehicles. Why do these states ignor the law, and why does the EPA allow it? Ergo, why does NJ have gasoline to be stolen?

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