American drivers hitting the brakes?

July 28, 2008

Americans are notorious for their love of the open road, but it seems like high gasoline prices and a souring economy are cooling the affair.

A U.S. government report on Monday showed U.S. drivers cut the number of miles they traveled by 3.7 percent — the biggest drop for the normally travel-heavy month on record.

Signs of weakenening energy demand in the United StatesĀ and Europe have been credited with a $23 decline in oil prices since mid-July.


I am carpooling with a co-worker. I save about 170 miles per week, and now only pump gas 2 times a month. Before I used to pump gas once a week.

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I only go out to do the shopping and doctor appointments!!!

12 weeks I drove 240 miles, and yeah, I walk a lot more, even here in the desert heat!!


I’d still like to see more work places go to 4 ten hour days, and all schools do the same. We still need to hold way back from sending so many dollars to foreign oil pockets, and must come up with more green solutions (join with Mr. Pickens, please).


Driving 60 mph instead of 65 mph means you get to a destination 60 miles away only five minutes later, yet the gas savings can be significant. I have a 5-speed Civic and routinely get 38 to 39 mpg at that speed, highway and city combined. Also, coasting to stop signs, if no one behind me, also helps. Much can be gained by a few small steps.

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hang on people we have the wall street gluttons & oil companies, stick to your guns don’t drive


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