Fourth of July road trip? Not so many this summer

June 24, 2009

The road trip, an American summer tradition, is falling victim to the recession as more Americans decide to stay home over the Fourth of July weekend, according to AAA.

The Independence day weekend is usually the busiest travel weekend of the summer driving season, but this year, the number of Americans travelling this year will drop 1.9 percent, mostly due to high prices at the pump and economic worries.

That means this year the number of people taking a Fourth of July Day trip will be the fewest since 2000:

The drop in travel isn’t nearly as severe as last year, when July 4 travel sank 10.5 percent as drivers steered away from $4 a gallon gasoline, but the recent rise in gasoline prices– about 9 percent from memorial day through June 12– are likely taking their toll on American consumers, AAA said.

Are you planning to travel over the Fourth of July weekend?


Gas companies can shove it. We are staying put. There is absolutely no good reason for them to raise rates for fuel. None. Just a small few raping everyone and crooked politicians taking bribes to keep fleecing hard working Americans. M Levin Hollywood,Florida.


We can still count ourselves lucky, on a short trip to the Netherlands I payed Euro 1.50 per liter, mind you that’s a whopping $2.10 per liter.


Thought for the day – The number of people taking 4th of July trips this year compared to past years is virtually the same. There are still roughly 40 million taking trips. I would say that’s pretty good business. If the percentage drops more 25%, then we may have an issue. Americans will never change their lifestyles unless forced. Gas prices are way too low to expect any kind of major change in daily activities for Americans. Once gas prices get to where they need to be – $6-$7 per gallon, then we’ll see a much more robust economy.

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I’m planning a road trip, just not sure where yet.

Sure, gas is more expensive but there are still loads of options for budget trips.

Check out this cool tool that generates personalized road trip ideas all tailored to your budget, location etc..


Deciding to stay home and conserve energy seems like a good way to celebrate Independence Day.

Over at FiLife there’s a discussion going about patriotic money moves. On July fourth, what money move can you make to help your country? oney-moves/185


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