Future of Food: Daily calorie intake

By Reuters Staff
November 9, 2009



Food production can be short-sighted. I’ve read that the Sahara Desert used to be lush with plant life and became a desert due to overgrazing. In the USA, they use fertilizer, and then apparently they need to wash it off into drainage, but they wash off topsoil with it. We may soon run out of topsoil. Natural methods may seem flakey, but so is this. The final solution may be a new blend of both. We should make sure that GMO patents expire after a reasonable length of time, but GMOs are more dangerous than nuclear power and must be regulated. And of course it’s hard to beat population control.

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We are above obesity in the US right? After all we know know more and work harded than the rest of the world right?

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Doesn’t that sound high (I assume it’s per capita per day)? I am staying below 1800 and still gaining weight! Somebody clarify this?

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