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Crop Tour-How We Do It


Calculating corn yieldsThere is no one magic formula for unlocking the secrets of a corn field’s yield potential. There are lots of them.


“There are about as many yield formulas as there are ways of doing anything,” said Roger Bernard,  the leader of the eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest crop tour.


The basic equation involves multiplying the total corn area by the plant population and dividing by the number of rows.


The Pro Farmer method is a little more involved. It requires a 30-foot length of rope with a hook on it, a tape measure, calculator and basic algebra. Not to mention all the personal supplies tour scouts need.

from Environment Forum:

What a difference a year makes – Valero embraces corn ethanol

At last year's American Petroleum Institute conference, Bill Klesse, CEO of leading U.S. oil refiner Valero, slammed federal policymakers who push subsidies and mandates for production of ethanol, saying that using corn to make it would make food so expensive it would cause more misery than global warming.

"All of these programs are just a huge transfer of wealth from our industry (oil) to the Midwest farms," Klesse said in March 2008 speech.