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April 25, 2014

Today is Felix’s last day at Reuters. Here’s the link to his mega-million word blog archive (start from the beginning, in March 2009, if you like). Because we’re source-agnostic, you can also find some of his best stuff from the Reuters era at Wired, Slate, the Atlantic, News Genius, CJR, the NYT, and NY Mag. There’s also Felix TV, his personal site, his Tumblr, his Medium archive, and, of course, the Twitter feed we all aspire to.

Counterparties may have been the brainchild of Felix and the recently departed Ryan McCarthy, but the blog, site, newsletter, and Twitter feed will continue to exist in their absence. It will be run by Ben Walsh and Shane Ferro, with some non-trivial amount of snark.

Today we focus on the reason Felix started Counterparties in the first place: links (also world peace. But mainly links). The internet is full of them, and a small subset of them really do deserve to be shared. Counterparties exists because of a belief that journalists should read more things and link to them. So that is what this email is all about (plus one great GIF):

Ben Walsh and Shane Ferro

On to today’s links:

The Fed
Don’t blame the Fed for changes in commodity prices, Great Lime Shortage of 2014 edition – Neil Irwin

Your Daily Outrage
Gurbaksh Chahal was arrested for hitting his girlfriend 117 times. Why is he still a CEO? – Dan Primack

Please Update Your Records
Apple and Facebook are phone companies – Derek Thompson

“It looks like European debt of all types is once again becoming indistinguishable to a large degree” – Cullen Roche

Must Read
10 ways to fight inequality without a wealth tax – Tim Fernholz

Google admits what everyone knew: Google+ is “the walking dead” – TechCrunch

“A copyright action is removing Marx from” (Still available: free ebook downloads from the Mises Institute) – Alex Tabarrok

Ban private banks from creating funny money – Martin Wolf
Izabella Kaminska on Martin Wolf on funny money creation – FT Alphaville

Surprisingly Difficult Questions
Why do we retire? – Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

The utopian origins of restroom symbols – The Atlantic
“The best way to destroy a meeting is to expand its scope” – Smari McCarthy

Central Banking
Russia raises rates to try to defend the ruble against sanctions, stop inflation – Reuters
An achievement not worth celebrating: Japan (probably) avoids deflation – WSJ

Vox Pop
American opinion on micro-apartments is divided between “great” and “prison-like” – Axiometrics

The sharing economy is about worker desperation – Kevin Roose

Health Care
It’s getting even harder to justify not expanding Medicaid – Incidental Economist

If your grandfather dies, you could auto-default on your student loans – Shahien Nasiripour

New Normal
Amazon’s non-employee human delivery drones – Dave Jamieson

Google is “pretty dangerous and thuggish” – Kara Swisher

Valeant is a terrible template for the pharma industry – John Gapper

Stuff We’re Not Linking To
Twerking to Dvořák – UPI

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