May 7, 2014

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Chinese internet giant Alibaba has finally filed to go public in the US. The initial filing says the company will raise $1 billion, but it will likely be a lot more than that. “There have been some suggestions that this will become the largest IPO of all time, or at least the largest tech IPO of all time”, says Dan Primack. The company announced plans to list itself in New York last March after it failed to meet the criteria for listing in Hong Kong.

from Ben Walsh:

How Blackstone made $8.5 billion from Hilton’s $6 billion increase in value

December 16, 2013

In July 2007, Blackstone took Hilton private for $26 billion. On Monday, Hilton IPO’d at $20 a share. Using the same measure to value the company as when Blackstone acquired it, Hilton’s enterprise value is now $32 billion. That’s $6 billion above Blackstone’s takeover price.So it’s a bit confusing to read that Blackstone has an made an $8.5 billion profit on its investment in Hilton.

from Ben Walsh:

No, it’s not secret – a guide to Twitter’s confidential IPO filing

September 13, 2013

Twitter filed for an initial public offering: we know this because the company tweeted so, not because the registration documents, or the company’s financial disclosures, are publicly available. Twitter didn’t even have to tweet what it did: its not legally required to say that it has filed registration documents with the SEC (it did that voluntarily).