I had a little bit more complicated interaction with the Taxi and Limousine Commission court than Josh Barro.

Back in May, I was riding my bike home from work when a cab driver got really upset when I moved out of the bike lane to pass another cyclist, blocking him from accelerating quickly toward the impending red light.

He came at me in his cab, pinning me between the parked cars and his (still moving) vehicle while yelling at me. There was, in the end, about two inches of space between me and being crushed under his car.

I filed a complaint with the TLC (you can do this by going online or by calling 311), and a couple of weeks ago found myself sitting in the nondescript entryway of the TLC court in the Financial District. Being as I was almost killed, it felt right to be getting justice. But I also spent two hours listening to TLC lawyers coax guilty pleas out of confused, uninformed cab drivers. Here’s what I learned from the experience: (more…)