MORNING BID – The small and the long

April 29, 2014

Stability is the name of the game right now in equity markets – something that can be seen in the daily moves in various speculative sectors and how investors react to outside influences like Russia and Ukraine (really, the primary factor motivating the more wild ups and downs in the stock market at this point). Signs that the tensions may be thawing – and we’ve seen this movie before – contributed to a rebound in the Nasdaq and other indexes later in the day to leave the tech-heavy index basically unchanged on the session.

MORNING BID – Bubble, bubble

March 5, 2014

Opinions vary right now as to whether we’re seeing the return of bubble-like qualities across a broad swath of the market or just in select names (which really isn’t a bubble, then, bubeleh, just overvalued stocks).

MORNING BID – Detangling Ukraine

March 3, 2014

Geopolitical situations are difficult ones to interpret from a markets perspective. For the time being, markets are responding to the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine – where Russia has bloodlessly taken control of the Crimea region and is threatening more action in the eastern part of the country – with a bit of negativity. The action is notable in U.S. equity futures, down more than one percent, and some buying in the safe haven that is U.S. Treasuries, along with bond markets around the globe.

MORNING BID – Janet Yellen’s rain (snow) check

February 27, 2014

This is the thing about delaying the new Fed chair’s follow-up testimony by two weeks due to bad weather, you actually make the second hearing something that’s potentially interesting. (It will depend, of course, on whether members of the Senate Committee ask provocative questions, and while you can lead a horse to water, well, you know.)

MORNING BID-All the metal in China

February 26, 2014

Without a lot of fanfare, the U.S. equity market has worked its way back to a few points of all-time highs, as concerns over emerging markets (largely related to Ukraine) have magnified, as have worries over China’s struggling growth.