To play cricket or not to play?

December 4, 2008

The militant attacks in Mumbai have shaken, saddened and angered people across the world, not just in India. It has thrown up so many issues which go way beyond winning and losing as seen on a sports field.

The Indian cricket board have worked hard to resurrect action on the field by persuading England to agree to return to complete a two-test series, offering all support to allay fears of their players for their safety.

The Indian media have been busy reporting the aftermath of the attacks and there has been furious debate in the British media whether it is proper for the England players to return to India this soon.

Whether sports should go on in turbulent times has been debated for ages. At the 1972 Munich Games, Olympics chiefs decided the show would go on despite Palestinian gunmen killing 11 Israeli athletes and officials.

Cricket teams are refusing to travel to Pakistan because of security concerns by teams in the wake of many suicide bombings.

Some even doubt whether the sub-continent can hold the 2011 World Cup.

Should cricket go on in India in the middle of the latest crisis? Can Indians turn their minds to their first love?


We have much pressing needs than Cricket at the moment. We can definitely let go of this series and devote security forces towards much more important assignments.

Posted by Deepak Jain | Report as abusive

I am Indian but I think it is not the right time to play matches as media / newspapers wants to write that mumbai has bounced back and everything OK, but it is not. This incident has hit India in guts. England please call off the tour as India is not secure in terms of security.

Posted by Dash | Report as abusive

Who knows what happened.

Posted by Bobo | Report as abusive

These criminals want to end western civilization as we know it and return the world to the seventh century. India is a shining example of an entire people embracing free and liberal institutions, and reaping the benefits. Yes, security must be increased, but to allow a disruption of life — and sport — is to capitulate and collaborate with the diabolical plans. I say, hire more security forces and let the games go on!

Posted by Bobbozdad | Report as abusive

Tough decisions all round, but unless we carry on the terrorist wins the day. The decision to carry on is right, but top quality security is essential.

Posted by Potts | Report as abusive

The show must go on is somewhat hippocritical. The show must go on if its India involved but what about Pakistan? Many recent tournaments there have been cancelled or been mooved to neutral venues;why?The answer is simple .India generates the most wealth in cricket today.If it werent for India cricket would have probably been on its dying days but with the IPL the amount of cash generated has kept the intrest levels up.This is also reflected in the fact that former greats West Indies and New Zealand are cash strapped and this has shown in their performances. How many great players from New Zealand have been lost to the ICL?So to play or not to play is a question many have to answer these days keeping in mind their wallets too!

Posted by dejavous_male | Report as abusive

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