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Sep 12, 2014

Wiretaps against Palestinians are wrong, Israeli ex-spies tell Netanyahu

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Dozens of reserve soldiers from Israel’s top electronic surveillance unit say they will no longer spy on Palestinians living under occupation, an unprecedented rebuke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security policies.

The protest letter signed by 43 veterans of Unit 8200, sent to Netanyahu and armed forces chiefs and excerpted by Israel’s biggest-selling newspaper on Friday, was dismissed by the military as a publicity stunt by a small minority.

Sep 8, 2014

Israel provides intelligence on Islamic State – Western diplomat

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel has provided satellite imagery and other intelligence in support of the U.S.-led aerial campaign against Islamic State in Iraq, a Western diplomat said on Monday.

Once “scrubbed” of evidence of its Israeli origin, the information has often been shared by Washington with Arab and Turkish allies, the diplomat said.

Sep 4, 2014

Israel says it gagged reports captive Sotloff was its citizen

JERUSALEM, Sept 4 (Reuters) – Israel said on Thursday it had
prevented local media from reporting that slain U.S. journalist
Steven Sotloff was also an Israeli citizen, in a bid to reduce
the risk to him after he was seized by Islamist insurgents in
Syria last year.

Islamic State, a militant group which has overrun large
areas of Syria and Iraq, released a video this week of Sotloff
being beheaded, calling the execution retaliation for U.S. air
strikes. His Israeli dual nationality was made public after the
White House authenticated the footage.

Sep 4, 2014

Israel says close to cracking Hamas cell behind teens’ slaying

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel has arrested eight Palestinians who had supporting roles in the abduction and killing of three Jewish teenagers in June but the two kidnappers themselves remain at large, Israeli officials said on Thursday.

They said interrogation of the suspects, all from the West Bank city of Hebron and linked to Hamas, had turned up evidence of funding from the Gaza Strip, which the Islamist faction controls, but not yet of any direct orders by Hamas leaders.

Sep 3, 2014

Israel lobbies U.S. as another Iran nuclear deadline looms

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel is lobbying the United States against any Iranian nuclear deal that would let Tehran retain potential bomb-making technology, a senior Israeli official said on Wednesday as another deadline for international diplomacy looms.

Iran, the United States and five other world powers hope for a comprehensive agreement by Nov. 24 under which the Islamic Republic, which denies seeking nuclear weaponry, would curb its disputed activities in exchange for sanctions relief.

Aug 16, 2014

Hamas says Israel must accept Palestinian demands or face long war

CAIRO/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Hamas rejected on Saturday as insufficient offers made in Cairo to Palestinian negotiators seeking to end Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip, and raised the possibility of renewed fighting when the current truce expires.

Israel said it had also not yet accepted any proposals made in the Egyptian-mediated talks but, like the Palestinians, its envoys would continue attending them on Sunday.

Aug 14, 2014

Israel blocks rights group as alternative to military service

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel has disqualified its foremost human rights group as a volunteer option for youths who choose civilian national service over military conscription, officials said on Wednesday, citing the group’s criticism of the Gaza offensive.

The government move against B’Tselem, while unlikely to affect the group’s operations, reflected growing anger within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rightist coalition at Israeli activism it sees as stoking pro-Palestinian sympathy.

Aug 12, 2014

Israel says no white phosphorous fired in Gaza this time

GROUND FORCES COMMAND BASE Israel (Reuters) – Israel fired almost five times more artillery shells into Gaza during the last month of fighting than in the 2008-2009 war there but did not use controversial white phosphorous this time around, an Israeli general said on Tuesday.

Criticized by human rights groups after the previous conflict for posing a burn risk to civilians by shelling the congested Palestinian enclave with white phosphorous to create smoke-screens, Israel said last year it was phasing out those rounds.

Aug 11, 2014

Israel looking to technology to counter Gaza tunnels: army

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel is preparing to build a network of sensors to try to detect tunnel building into its territory from the Gaza Strip, but it could take months to prove the technology works, a senior army officer said on Monday.

In the meantime, the army might re-invade the Palestinian enclave to destroy any tunnels it discovers or that it thinks are under construction, another official said, looking to calm the fears of Israelis living close to the Gaza border.

Aug 7, 2014

Analysis: Palestinian shift may bring war crimes case closer to Israel

THE HAGUE/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The possibility of a war crimes investigation into the conduct of Israeli forces in Gaza, until recently unthinkable, has grown after the Palestinians said this week they wanted to become a party to the International Criminal Court.

The world’s permanent war crimes court in The Hague declined two years ago to investigate allegations against the Israeli military in 2008-2009, citing the uncertain legal status of the Palestinian Authority.