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Jun 26, 2014

African leaders’ summit urges action on rising militant threat

MALABO (Reuters) – African leaders called on Thursday for firm action against a rising Islamist militant threat stretching across the continent from Kenya to Mali and pledged to furnish the tools for Africa to police its own conflicts.

Violence cast a shadow over the opening of the two-day summit of the 54-nation African Union (AU) as Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan rushed home to deal with the aftermath of a bombing in the capital Abuja on Wednesday.

Jun 26, 2014

E.Guinea president urges African leaders to shake up ties with West

MALABO, June 26 (Reuters) – The president of oil-rich
Equatorial Guinea lambasted foreign interference in Africa on
Thursday, calling on the continent’s leaders to shake up their
relationship with the West.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema, hosting a two-day summit of the
54-nation African Union, urged leaders to put an end to economic
dependence on Western nations since independence, saying this
was holding back the continent from sustainable development.

Jun 25, 2014

Mali urges aggressive overhaul of U.N. peacekeeping mission

MALABO (Reuters) – Mali called on the United Nations to speed up deploying the remainder of its promised 12,000-member peacekeeping force and station more troops in the West African nation’s turbulent north.

Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop, speaking to Reuters on the sidelines of an African Union summit in Equatorial Guinea on Wednesday, said the U.N. mission in Mali (MINUSMA) had so far deployed only 8,000 troops and less than half of the promised logistical resources.

May 22, 2014

Man killed as French troops clash with crowds in Central African Republic

BAMBARI, Central African Republic (Reuters) – At least one man was killed on Thursday in clashes that erupted after French peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic tried to disarm Muslim rebels, witnesses and hospital staff said.

A spokesman for the rebels told Reuters the troops opened fire on a crowd of protesters, killing three civilians and wounding at least six. It was not possible to independently verify his claim.

May 22, 2014

Three killed in Central African Republic as French troops clash with crowds

BAMBARI, Central African Republic (Reuters) – At least three people were killed in the Central African Republic on Thursday as Muslims with machetes and rifles clashed with French peacekeeping troops trying to disarm rebels, a rebel spokesman said.

He said the French troops opened fire on a crowd of protesters, killing three civilians and wounding at least six. It was not possible to independently verify his claim.

Apr 11, 2014

West Africa franc zone on track for 7 percent growth: central bank

DAKAR (Reuters) – Economic growth in the eight-nation West African currency union is on track to reach 7 percent this year, lifted by a resurgent markets, the central bank governor said.

Tiemoko Meyliet Kone said the bloc’s economy was reaping the rewards for years of economic reforms by its members and now also stood to benefit from a gradual recovery of growth in the European Union, its main trading partner.

Apr 11, 2014

Ivory Coast one of the best bets in Africa, investor says

DAKAR, April 11 (Reuters) – Three years after disputed
elections led to bloodshed, Ivory Coast has emerged as one of
the most exciting opportunities for private equity investors in
Africa, with a dynamic workforce keen to put a decade of turmoil
behind it, a senior investor said on Friday.

Jean-Michel Severino, chairman of Paris-based Investisseurs
& Partenaires, said its two funds totaling 65 million euros
aimed to provide investors with returns of up to 10 percent a
year while fostering social development in Africa.

Apr 7, 2014

Senegalese president says Africa a ‘land of opportunity’ for investors

DAKAR (Reuters) – Fast-growing African economies represent a “land of opportunity” for investors and those deterred by short-term turbulence in emerging markets will be the losers in the long run, Senegal’s president said on Monday.

President Macky Sall said his West African country was on track to nearly double its annual economic growth to 7 percent by 2017 thanks to a $21 billion programme of investment that aims to turn Senegal into a regional hub for transport, logistics and tourism.

Mar 29, 2014

Senegal shuts land border with Guinea to prevent Ebola spreading

DAKAR/CONAKRY, March 29 (Reuters) – Senegal closed its land
border with Guinea on Saturday to try to prevent the spread of
the Ebola virus, which Guinean authorities say is suspected of
killing 70 people in the deadliest outbreak in seven years.

The discovery of 11 people suspected to have died of Ebola
in Sierra Leone and Liberia in recent days has stirred concern
that one of the most lethal infectious diseases known to man
could spread in a poor corner of West Africa, where health
systems are ill-equipped to cope.

Feb 23, 2014

France risks long stay after misjudging Central African Republic

PARIS/DAKAR (Reuters) – When France sent troops to halt violence between Christians and Muslims in Central African Republic, commanders named the mission Sangaris after a local butterfly to reflect its short life. Three months later, it is clear they badly miscalculated.

Buoyed by a swift victory in last year’s war against Islamists in Mali, France’s military predicted six months would be enough to quell sectarian conflict in Central African Republic, which began in March when Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in the majority Christian country.