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Nov 23, 2013

Venezuela’s opposition leader says aide arrested before marches

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s opposition leader said state agents arrested one of his aides on Saturday before planned marches across the country to pressure President Nicolas Maduro’s government in the run-up to December 8 municipal elections.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles said on Twitter that his national tours coordinator, Alejandro Silva, was forcibly taken from a Caracas hotel room by military intelligence agents.

Nov 20, 2013

Venezuela gives president decree powers for ‘economic war’

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan lawmakers granted President Nicolas Maduro yearlong decree powers on Tuesday that he says are essential to regulate the economy and stamp out corruption but adversaries view as a power grab.

Hundreds of supporters of the ruling Socialist Party cheered outside the National Assembly as the so-called Enabling Law was passed, while a recording of Maduro’s late predecessor, Hugo Chavez, singing Venezuela’s anthem rang out inside the hall.

Oct 31, 2013

Venezuela seeks to tame ‘Wild West’ motorcycle chaos

CARACAS (Reuters) – Choking traffic, causing pileups and even ambushing drivers, Venezuela’s hordes of motorcyclists are an increasingly high-profile problem for the new government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Denounced in the media as a “plague,” they provide essential, cheap transport but are often held responsible for anarchy on the roads and the terrifying number of homicides, kidnappings and armed robberies that beset the South American country.

Oct 18, 2013

Venezuela investigates sports stars in big currency scam

CARACAS (Reuters) – Prosecutors in Venezuela are investigating members of its national motorsports teams for possible currency violations, officials said on Thursday, and the sports minister said tens of millions of dollars were claimed by people forging her signature.

A decade of currency controls has led to a shortage of dollars at the official rate of 6.3 bolivars, and huge profits for those who can access greenbacks and then resell them on the black market for about seven times that price.

Oct 13, 2013

Mayor of big Venezuelan city arrested in corruption probe

CARACAS, Oct 13 (Reuters) – State security agents have
arrested the mayor of Venezuela’s third-largest city for alleged
corruption after President Nicolas Maduro asked lawmakers to
grant him decree powers he says he needs to fight graft.

Valencia mayor Edgardo Parra, a member of the ruling
Socialist Party, was picked up at his home late on Saturday by
the national intelligence agency Sebin, the attorney general’s
office said. It was the most high profile arrest so far in the
president’s anti-corruption campaign.

Oct 11, 2013

Venezuela to hold weekly $100 mln currency auctions

CARACAS, Oct 11 (Reuters) – Venezuela will auction $100
million at weekly central bank auctions through a complementary
foreign exchange system aimed at easing access to hard currency
for local businesses, a top government official said on Friday.

The economy is a challenge for the government of President
Nicolas Maduro, with importers complaining they are starved of
greenbacks, while the annual inflation rate hit almost 50
percent last month.

Oct 11, 2013

Venezuela’s autocratic ways exasperate foreign oil firms

CARACAS/HOUSTON, Oct 11 (Reuters) – The exit of Malaysian
and Russian partners from key oil projects in Venezuela points
to long-running disputes that could force out other companies,
even as the government talks up its efforts to develop the huge
Orinoco extra heavy crude belt.

For years, state oil company PDVSA has made it the
responsibility of its partners in about 40 joint ventures to
boost stagnant national production of around 3 million barrels
per day, at times threatening to take away their licenses or
stop them repatriating dividend payments.

Oct 11, 2013

Maduro approves $900 mln for Venezuela currency auctions

CARACAS, Oct 10 (Reuters) – Venezuela raised the amount of
dollars to be auctioned by the central bank to local businesses
via a complementary foreign exchange system, and the president
said on Thursday that such sales could now be held every week.

The economy has become a major challenge for President
Nicolas Maduro, who faces dollars trading on the black market
for seven times the official rate and annual inflation that hit
almost 50 percent last month.

Oct 9, 2013

Maduro seeks decree powers from Venezuela lawmakers

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro went to parliament on Tuesday to seek decree powers that he says are essential to tackle corruption and fix the economy but opponents view as proof he wants to rule as an autocrat.

The National Assembly, where Maduro’s socialist government has a nearly two-thirds majority, will schedule a vote on the request next week and is widely expected to grant him the fast-track legislative powers in a revival of a measure used several times by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

Sep 20, 2013

Venezuela says U.S. bans Maduro from flying over Puerto Rico

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela said on Thursday the United States had banned President Nicolas Maduro’s jet from flying through U.S. airspace over Puerto Rico en route to a state visit to China.

Maduro is due in Beijing this weekend for bilateral talks. China has become a major lender to his government, and Chinese firms are heavily involved in the OPEC nation’s oil industry.

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