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Sep 22, 2014

Turkey struggles with spillover as Syrian Kurds battle Islamic State

MURSITPINAR Turkey (Reuters) – Syrian Kurds battled to defend a key border town from an Islamic State advance on Monday as Kurdish youths from neighboring Turkey rushed to their aid, heightening the pressure on Ankara to act against the Islamist insurgents.

In Turkey, which is struggling to manage an influx of more than 130,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees since Friday, security forces fired tear gas and water cannon at hundreds of Kurdish protesters who accuse Ankara of favoring Islamic State against the Kurds.

Sep 21, 2014

Islamic State closes in on Syrian town, refugees flood into Turkey

SURUC Turkey/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State militants tightened their noose on a northern Syrian border town on Sunday as the United Nations said the number of Syrian Kurds fleeing into neighbouring Turkey may have topped 100,000 and was likely to go much higher.

Residents fleeing the frontier town of Ayn al-Arab, known in Kurdish as Kobani, and its surrounding villages said the militants were executing people of all ages in the areas they had seized to create a climate of fear and slavish obedience.

Sep 21, 2014

Kurds issue new call to arms against Islamic State in Syria

SURUC Turkey (Reuters) – Kurdish militants in Turkey have issued a new call to arms to defend a border town in northern Syria from advancing Islamic State fighters, and the Turkish authorities and United Nations prepared on Sunday for a surge in refugees.

About 70,000 Syrian Kurds have fled into Turkey since Friday as Islamic State fighters seized dozens of villages close to the border and advanced on the frontier town of Ayn al-Arab, known as Kobani in Kurdish.

Sep 21, 2014

About 60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey from Islamic State advance

SURUC Turkey (Reuters) – About 60,000 Syrian Kurds fled into Turkey in the space of 24 hours, a deputy prime minister said on Saturday, as Islamic State militants seized dozens of villages close to the border.

Turkey opened a stretch of the frontier on Friday after Kurdish civilians fled their homes, fearing an imminent attack on the border town of Ayn al-Arab, also known as Kobani. A Kurdish commander on the ground said Islamic State had advanced to within 15 km (9 miles) of the town.

Sep 20, 2014

Thousands of Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey as Islamic State advances

SURUC Turkey (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have crossed into Turkey in the past 24 hours, fleeing an advance by Islamic State fighters who have seized dozens of villages close to the border and are advancing on a Syrian town.

Turkey opened a stretch of the frontier on Friday after Kurdish civilians fled their homes, fearing an imminent attack on the town of Ayn al-Arab. Islamic State is now within 15 km (9 miles) of the town, also known as Kobani, according to a Kurdish commander on the ground.

Sep 17, 2014

Bank Asya vows to see off “smear campaign” amid Turkish power struggle

ISTANBUL, Sept 17 (Reuters) – The head of Turkey’s Bank Asya
has vowed to strengthen its capital base and see off
what he described as a systematic campaign to undermine it,
warning the attack on his bank could sour foreign investors’
views of Turkey.

The Islamic lender, with more than a million deposit-holding
customers and 280 branches, is caught at the centre of a power
struggle between President Tayyip Erdogan and Fethullah Gulen,
an Islamic cleric whose sympathisers founded the bank.

Sep 9, 2014

Erdogan battles “Assassins” in power struggle over Turkish courts

ISTANBUL, Sept 9 (Reuters) – Likening foes in the judiciary
to medieval “Assassins” betraying Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan made
one thing clear as he assumed the presidency last month: his
battle to purge their influence over the courts is far from

The power struggle has transformed a judicial election next
month, normally an unassuming affair, into a key battleground.
The vote will decide the members of the High Council of Judges
and Prosecutors (HSYK), responsible for the appointments,
transfers, promotions and expulsions of the country’s top
judicial figures.

Sep 1, 2014

Battle lines drawn in struggle for influence over Turkish judiciary

ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – One of Turkey’s most senior judges warned against government interference in the judiciary on Monday, signaling a looming struggle for influence over the courts as President Tayyip Erdogan pursues a drive against his political foes.

Sworn in as head of state last week, Erdogan has vowed to press a struggle against U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, an ally-turned-arch-enemy whom he accuses of using influence within the judiciary and police to try to seize the levers of state power.

Aug 27, 2014

Surprise Turkey rate cut seen as sop to government pressure

ISTANBUL, Aug 27 (Reuters) – Turkey’s central bank
unexpectedly lowered its overnight lending rate on Wednesday, in
a move seen as having little easing impact and more as a signal
to a government keen for rate cuts that it is supporting the

The bank said it would keep policy tight until there is a
clear improvement in the inflation outlook, however, suggesting
the cut at the upper end of its corridor of interest rates was a
token gesture amid rising inflation expectations.

Aug 11, 2014

Turkish activists say new flotilla to challenge Israeli blockade of Gaza

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – A Turkish aid group said on Monday it would again send ships to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza, four years after Israeli commandos stormed its flotilla bound for the Palestinian territory and killed 10 Turks.

The plan looked set to throw a fresh obstacle in the way of efforts to rebuild shattered diplomatic ties between Turkey and Israel, just as Ankara launches an “air corridor” carrying wounded Palestinians to Turkey and aid to Gaza.

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