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Apr 17, 2015

Remote corner of Bosnia to declare itself ‘Town of Twins’

BUZIM, Bosnia (Reuters) – When Nedzib Vucelj’s wife Emira gave birth to twins at the height of the Bosnian war, it was impossible to buy a suitable baby stroller: their hometown of Buzim was surrounded by rival armies.

Vucelj tried to borrow from a neighbor, but they had lent theirs to another family with twins. When he came to their door, he was told it had already passed to a third family, also with twins.

Mar 27, 2015

Bosnia’s reborn arms industry targets record revenues

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Bosnia’s arms industry, which almost died in the decade after the country’s 1992-95 war, has become a rare bright spot for the country’s struggling economy with output and exports almost tripled in the past five years.

Rebuilt factories, modernized machinery and a crackdown on corrupt managers have all helped turn it into a sector that now sells arms and ammunition to over 60 countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Switzerland.

Mar 26, 2015

After film, Bosnian woman agrees to meet son born of wartime rape

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – A Bosnian woman has agreed to meet the son she bore as the result of wartime rape after having read of a film made about the now 22-year-old and his search for his biological parents, the film director said on Thursday.

Director Semsudin Gegic said the woman, a Muslim Bosniak who lives in the United States, had called him after she saw a Reuters article published on Tuesday about the premiere of Gegic’s film in Bosnia.

Mar 24, 2015

Bosnian conceived in wartime rape searches for his parents

GORAZDE, Bosnia, March 24 (Reuters) – Alen Muhic, who was
conceived when his mother was raped by a soldier in wartime,
says he would not have had the courage to search for his parents
were it not for the film cameras that followed him.

His painful quest is documented in “An Invisible Child’s
Trap”, the second documentary feature about Muhic, the son of a
Muslim Bosniak woman and a Bosnian Serb soldier who repeatedly
raped her during the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

Mar 18, 2015

Bosnian, U.S. officials discuss deportations over war crimes

By Daria Sito-Sucic

(Reuters) – Bosnia’s state prosecutor and U.S. officials on
Wednesday discussed the issue of Bosnian migrants facing
deportation from the United States over their alleged
involvement in war crimes during the Balkan country’s 1992-95

The New York Times in February reported that U.S. officials
had identified about 300 Bosnians who they believe concealed
their role in the Balkan atrocities, including the 1995
Srebrenica massacre, and are trying to deport at least 150 of

Mar 10, 2015

Former Yugoslav foes join forces in seeking tombstone protection

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Four former Yugoslav republics, torn apart by war in the 1990s, expect success in their unprecedented joint bid to win United Nations protection for thousands of medieval tombstones that are part of their shared heritage, a minister said on Tuesday.

Known as “Stecci”, the tombstones date to the 12th century and are revered in the Balkans for their unique decorative symbols and carvings, often linked to the medieval Kingdom of Bosnia. Around 60,000 have been found in Bosnia, and nearly 10,000 in neighboring Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Feb 26, 2015

Senior Bosnian judge arrested on suspicion of taking bribe

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – A senior Bosnian judge has been arrested on suspicion of taking a bribe, the prosecutor’s office said on Thursday, in the first case of corruption to involve a member of the judiciary in the Balkan country.

Appeals judge, Azra Miletic, was arrested late on Wednesday and two other people, whose sentences for organized crime and drug-dealing had been greatly reduced on appeal, were arrested on the same grounds. One was a former police officer.

Feb 23, 2015

Bosnia endorses reform pledge, potentially unblocking EU bid

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Bosnia’s lawmakers endorsed on Monday a commitment to reform its economy and address political divisions, potentially unblocking a stalled bid to join the European Union in a step the bloc’s top diplomat called “historic”.

The declaration is a condition of the EU finally endorsing a pre-accession pact with Bosnia, originally signed in 2008, under a new initiative led by Germany and Britain to shake the country out of years of stagnation.

Jan 8, 2015

Bosnia leads global search for missing with expertise on bones

TUZLA, Bosnia (Reuters) – Bosnia was still digging up the bones of its own when those of others began arriving in boxes from the tsunami-struck shores of Southeast Asia a decade ago.

It coincided with Kathryne Bomberger’s rise to head of the Bosnian-based International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), created in 1996 on the initiative of Bill Clinton to unearth the secrets of gruesome death pits strewn across the Bosnian countryside following its 1992-95 war.

Dec 12, 2014

IMF ready to discuss new Bosnia loan deal in early 2015 -IMF official

SARAJEVO, Dec 12 (Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund
will be ready to discuss a new loan arrangement for Bosnia and
cancel its current, but now suspended, deal early in 2015 if a
new government is formed, a senior IMF official told Reuters on

The Fund has yet to disburse its latest tranche of aid for
Bosnia after the government said it could not comply with the
deal terms due to a general election being called in October.

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