Mapping America’s power, state-by-state

June 3, 2014

Yesterday, the Obama administration¬†announced a plan to reduce power plant emissions (from 2005 levels)¬†by 30% by 2030. Reuters‘ Valerie Volvoici and Jeff Mason report that 38% of US power comes from coal, and that “states which rely heavily on coal-fired power plants are thought to have the toughest tasks ahead” in complying with the rule.

Here’s what American electricity generation looks like by state and energy source:



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Not to worry too much, the current idiot in the white house will be gone in a couple of years and the new one will reverse the folly. At least HE better

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According to the graphs for California:

1% coal
30% Nat Gas
5% Nuclear
20% Renewables

Total: 56%

So where does the rest of California’s energy come from?
Children’s laughter?

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Mr. Walsh,

Can you explain why your chart says that 40% of energy generation in Oregon is from renewables while the EIA report says 70%. Also according to your chart 50% of electrical generation in Wyoming is from coal, yet the EIA report clearly puts that number at 89%

Can you explain why there is such a massive discrepancy between your graphic and the report you claim to be referencing?

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