Why quitters are good for the economy

September 23, 2014

This week Anchorage television reporter Charlo Greene quit her job—on-air, complete with a curse—in order to work full-time in support of Alaska’s ballot initiative to legalize marijuana.

Does that tell us anything about today’s job market? It sure does. Voluntarily leaving one’s job tends to be a sign of optimism about the employment market, and Greene’s departure may be emblematic of our confidence that we are finally creeping out of the Great Recession.

U.S. job openings hit a 13-year high in July, and August’s 6.1 percent unemployment rate was the lowest since President Obama took office in January, 2009. Meanwhile, our latest graphic on labor market turnover suggests that the positive trend is continuing, with increases in hires, job openings and quits. Be interesting to see where Greene winds up if the pot move doesn’t work out.



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did she quit out of free-will or did she quit out of forced resignation? i believe the later.well paying jobs are no where to be found but slave paying jobs are every where but part time only.

Posted by doitright | Report as abusive

She was mad as hell, and could not take it any more?

Posted by LindaPP | Report as abusive

No, Charlo Greene has nothing to do with the rest of the story. Most poeple don’t quit until they have another job lined up so people quitting their jobs is a sign of increased openings. Also when the BLS publishes a bigger number of people being hired and a smaller number being layed off. We knew that but Thank you Captian Obvious.

Posted by DennisVictor223 | Report as abusive

The example you provide indicates that the person quit their job to work for the legalization of pot. Suppose it is successful. Then they lose that job. It seems to me that this person, and countless others most likely, are quitting because they know that they can go on the government dole. This is not good news for the economy at all. When people start quitting to start their own businesses, then you have a positive sign.

Posted by b1izzard | Report as abusive