Employers shouldn’t freeze women’s eggs

October 16, 2014

You know something’s hit a mainstream nerve when the Onion gets in on the act. 

On Wednesday, “America’s Finest News Source” ran a satirical article under the headline “Facebook Offers To Freeze Female Employee’s Newborn Children.” For the uninitiated, NBC News started a spirited debate on Tuesday when it reported that in January, Apple will join Facebook in paying for female employees to freeze their eggs.

The issue for some is the motivation behind the perk, and whether it is merely a guise to get women to spend their prime childbearing years in the office instead of making more holistic decisions regarding their work-life balance. As Emma Barnett writes in the Telegraph, “professional women have already got enough on our plate without our ‘benevolent bosses’ suddenly playing God.”

But as this Reuters graphic shows, this is hardly the first instance of technology firms using extra healthcare benefits to attract workers. A survey of 103 high tech companies showed that for a dozen deluxe benefits, tech outfits out-offer the national baseline for all industries.

Ultimately, freezing eggs is a woman’s personal decision, but in the tech sector particularly, gender inequity—and frightening threats like #Gamergate–are no laughing matter. That’s what makes the Onion’s frozen babies headline so biting.






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Frankly… I would love for a news agency to ask a real professional their opinion for once, instead of going to the one person on their staff with an M.D. at the end of their name.

Freezing eggs has nothing to do with enabling women to work longer. For those that don’t know, there are a lot of women out there that are simply at a higher risk for pregnancy. Just go look up High Risk OB/GYN.

Freezing Eggs is extremely expensive, and is typically reserved for women who find out that their egg supplies are abnormally low. But they’re also used for women who might need to undergo risky procedures such as Chemotherapy, or when they need to have their ovaries removed. Freezing eggs is often a last resort for a woman to become a mother, or a couple to become a family. And the way most insurance policies are structured, it is rarely covered.

But lets not talk about all of the logical reasons why. I’d much rather read or listen to so middle-aged man’s opinion based solely on the assumption that Mark Zuckerburg and all of the other Tech CEO’s sat in a room one day trying to figure out how they can keep women from getting pregnant while working for them.

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