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I am constantly amazed by the media’s focus on rising sea levels as the main consequence of the man made global warming trend we are in today.

I suppose that is because it presents a simple image of disaster in the readers mind.

But long before the sea levels rise other more subtle or at least, less visual changes will occur that are far more catastrophic and should move up the time line of this impending disaster.

The changes in sea salinity caused by the massive ice freshwater melt off will create layers of less and more salty water in the oceans disrupting heat exchange cycles. This is the global conveyor belt that regulates temperature across the hemispheres.

Along with this conveyor belt are the organisms that survive off of this heat and movement.

With the movement and the heat patterns of the oceans changed the food cycle will become disrupted and even collapse

The disruption of movement and increased carbon will cause greater ocean acidification – killing off the micro organizes which start the food chain and some of which are the source of the net oxygen in not just the oceans but the atmosphere…… not forests and plants which just breath it in and out in their cycle….. it is the phyto planktons which produce our net O2.

So lets see, we have collapse of food chain, stagnant dead oceans, more carbon less o2, scorching summers, ice hole winters and category 5 storms in between….

Compound these factors with our penchant for industrialized fishing and well….

We will be lucky if anyone is around to CARE if surfs up

but yes, flooding New York is kinda five star