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Just post the comments you’re sitting on.

By: OneOfTheSheep Wed, 17 Dec 2014 02:40:22 +0000 Mr. Coronez is obviously one of those individuals who believes the human race is on this earth solely to cover it with human protoplasm. I disrespectfully disagree.

As one of the “haves”, I much prefer quality of life to quantity of life…a choice that will soon have to be made with almost EIGHT BILLION humans already in existence. When it is exclusively the “have-nots” that are breeding at a rate that would make a rodent blush, OF COURSE the “gap” between “haves” and “have nots” is going to increase. Duh???

“a U.S. Department of Agriculture report cited in USA Today earlier this year noted that 49 million Americans have trouble finding enough food to eat. That includes nearly 16 million children.” Simple subtraction reveals that 33 million of these are irresponsible adults, many of whom have had children they cannot afford whose comfort or survival depends on “economically productive citizens”.

No one seems concerned about “as the twig is bent”. How many of those 16 million children will grow up to be just like mom and dad, popping out ever more of themselves. Good grief! We are intelligent enough to neuter excess dogs and cats before adopting them out, but God forbid taking such measures with irresponsible humans.

A few facts to clarify provided statistics: “Violence in the Central African Republic…” is today a “given” of indefinite duration. The area “…just south of the Sahara…in Senegal…” is not known for it’s consistency in crop production. Chad’s “…550,000 refugees…” and some “…6 million people in South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia…” contribute nothing but urine and feces. Why do they exist?

Drought is common in Central America and so it is not uncommon for”… 400,000 families in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala…” to be needing food assistance. If the Vatican “values” these lives more than teaching birth control, why doesn’t IT provide whatever is “necessary” for them?

There is a reason for the signs “DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS”. Propogation among the unintelligent is limited only by the food supply. This single planet of finite resources most certainly doesn’t need more people with no land, poor hygiene, little access to pure water, no education (or prospect of same), no skills, no home and no job (or prospect of same) bring only increasing pollution to wherever they squat.

The burden of ever-increasing humanity without purpose will absolutely, over time, turn our big blue marble into a big brown marble. It may already be too late to stop that process.

By: Factoidz Tue, 16 Dec 2014 23:20:06 +0000 Note to cereal rich countries: send some to CAR, Syria.