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Apple > Goldman (in revenue and profit per employee)

Ben Walsh
Nov 1, 2013 18:28 UTC

Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt finds an interesting chart in a research note from ISI's Brian Marshall. Apple is bringing in far, far more revenue per employee than other US tech companies.

Marshall's takeaway: "The scale [Apple] is executing on is nothing less than astonishing". And not only does Apple beat out its tech peers, it sits above the US banks in both revenue and profit per employee for the most recent four quarters.

Apple is generating more revenue and profit per employee than the biggest banks, companies that are at least partially set up to deliver eye-popping per employee financial performance. Marshall's statement applies more broadly than perhaps he intends. Apple's performance is indeed "nothing less than astonishing", and not just in comparison to tech companies.

Contributing in part to these impressive results is Appleā€™s ability to outsource large portions of its production and supply chain to places like Foxconn. While this is the norm for tech companies, there is no analogy on Wall Street to the legions of low-cost non-Apple workers who assemble the products that drive Apple's revenue and profit. To use consultant-speak, Wall Street scales and leverages its business model in very different ways.

Tablet wars: Apple cedes market share to Samsung

Ben Walsh
Nov 1, 2013 14:55 UTC

Today is the release date for Apple’s new iPad Air. Globally, Apple continues to dominate the growing tablet market. But as these Reuters charts show, in the last year, Samsung has been gaining ground, more than doubling the number of tablets it has shipped, and taking market share from Apple:



your continuing campaign against Apple is truly amazing
I thought that news organizations were supposed to be more neutral – maybe not in politics but certainly in business and news articles
I have never seen any evidence of neutrality when it comes to Apple – only articles totally slanted towards Samsung
do you guys own Samsung/Google shares???
must really burn your ass to know that Apple products are superior in every product category

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