Bank of America’s big fine

August 22, 2014

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Bank of America settles crisis-era mortgage cases with the U.S. government once a week or so. But the one this week, at $16.65 billion, is the big one. That is, it’s the biggest settlement to date, eclipsing not only previous settlements by the bank (which now come to a total of about $65 billion), but also all of the similar settlements reached by other banks. JP Morgan paid $13 billion and Citigroup $7 billion recently for similar reasons. The bank will pay “$9.65 billion in cash to resolve more than a dozen federal and state investigations, and provide $7 billion in help to struggling homeowners and communities,” according to Reuters.

Where JP Morgan $13 billion stacks up against the biggest bank fines globally

October 23, 2013

This week, JP Morgan hammered out a tentative deal with the government to pay $13 billion over its mortgages practices. Here’s what the biggest bank fines were before this week: