Comments on: Where’s the fraud, Mr. President? Sat, 23 Mar 2013 13:49:31 +0000 hourly 1 By: palmer1619 Wed, 01 Feb 2012 21:43:16 +0000 The fraud has been perpetrated by our illustrious congress. It’s an outrage that the Congress has permitted this to happen. They need to be thrown out and the voters need to pay at least some attention to what they’ve been doing all these years….that is except for feathering their own nests.

By: paintcan Sun, 18 Dec 2011 17:52:29 +0000 @OOTS – Hope you do to. Merry Christmas.

Come to think of it – Kids do learn a little about how to bribe Santa Claus with cookies.

And I always thought they were just being polite and showing a little gratitude.

But I never left Santa anything and I got what I wanted anyway. I knew he was always Mom and Dad because you tell by the expression of their faces. They always think the kinds are dumber than we act.

By: OneOfTheSheep Sun, 18 Dec 2011 05:51:14 +0000 @paintcan,

Sorry, visiting time is over. Hope you get better.

By: paintcan Sun, 18 Dec 2011 00:12:49 +0000 Now that I know that bribes and payoffs are part of the way you do business, than I feel more than justified in being cynical. I knew things weren’t quite adding up in my experience. The rest of your comments are the same self-inflating and self-serving rationals you still cling to as “truth”.

“I’m OK you’re OK”. Still no more consistent than usual. Where did that come form?

You had a big and successful family and yet you have wanted all those who can’t meet your standards to practice family size limitation, if they can’t pay the bills. You think there are enough of you to fill the planet and in fact, would prefer that you did? And you will bride to make sure you get a better position. That is illegal in a way I find a lot more objectionable than hitting my pipe. I may blight myself, but you would blight whole countries. You would buy a lifeboat on a sinking ship.

But I would rather die than pay a bribe or take one. Someone once tried slipping me a sealed envelope and I told him to get out of my house. I never understood how he got involved with a question of charitable, or at least, “at cost of materials” project I was asked to undertake for a man I had never set eyes on. After bribery comes blackmail and extortion. A friend of mine suggested that he might have also taken a finders fee for his fund raising endeavor. No wonder you keep guns to guard your “accomplishments”. One has to be on one’s guard with such aggressive and sneaky purveyors of “the Truth”. I have learned not to trust people who smile too much.

The waitress was the least aggressive and the most honest of the lot of you, The poor woman is helpless. Unless she steels from the tips?

We aren’t in Rome. They didn’t have much of a Constitution and suffered under a notoriously corrupt legal and political system. I love to visit them in the books but I wouldn’t want to live there.

If frequency of comments is a sign of mental incapacity or lunacy, you may be in the next rubber room over? Or haven’t you noticed?

By: OneOfTheSheep Sat, 17 Dec 2011 22:36:12 +0000 Paintcan,

You acknowledge you “…can easily be dismissed as a nut job, crank or someone with “racing thoughts”…even if they might be verbal diarrhea sometimes.” When this is apparent in your posts, I choose to substantially ignore them as harmless.

My goal in posting is to spread awareness of those “truths” and concepts that should be self-evident to those of intelligence and open mind. Where I see no self-evident “truth”, I share my personal opinion, trying to make the difference apparent. I’m sure YOU see NO difference. I’m OK, you’re OK.

You say I “like” my “…emotional and intellectual cozy places and…certainties…”. You’re quite right. Who, over the years, would not seek the intellectual consistency from which “comfort in one’s own skin” evolves? Who, having achieved such, would not thus dwell?

I can have sympathy for those whose life has been such that they are “emotionally and intellectually homeless”, and whose unconcealed envy must dismiss the success of others as “propaganda”. The decidedly working class families on both sides from which I came had substantial and numerous challenges in the 20th Century.

Out of eight emerged one graduate engineer, two professors (one each MBA and PHD), a railroad engineer, a teacher (with MBA), a waitress/hostess, a postman, and an oil company Vice-President. This record is not propaganda, it is real.

Of the bunch, only one do I accept as successful; i.e. content, upbeat and non-judgmental. Financially, he was only marginally successful; but he was my choice of a role model in my youth to achieve satisfaction and day-to-day happiness.

I genuinely wish ALL the opportunity to enjoy these things, but it is for each to define and achieve them in their own way. The path is different for each as are the challenges that will be encountered.

Happiness is not something to be checked off on one’s “bucket list”, but a way of living by choice necessary every day. As life unfolds amid chaos and uncertainty, it is those who still manage to concentrate and function that will sail the most straight and steady course possible toward their personal goal.

Every “political, economic or even religious concept any individual “sees and accepts” as a “personal truth” is just that. Personal. Unique in relation to what they are or would be.

Each has or can be sneered at by others. Doesn’t make them any less worthwhile, any more than a rat nibbling at my doughnut makes it any less nutritious other than as I pinch off that which I suspect contaminated.

I need NO ONE to “come to my rescue” at present or in any reasonably foreseeable future. I propose consideration of diverting funds presently expending to extend unemployment “benefits” and union pay scales in government works project to get more done in the manner of the CCC and WPA.

Even as wasteful spending “props up” America’s current and unsustainable financial “house of cards”; I believe that same money could achieve more in terms of results and incentive. That is why I put forth those suggestions.

While I have never made “…under the table payoffs…” of any kind anywhere at any time, that is not to say I would not. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. America does not have the luxury of following “Marquis of Queenbury Rules” if it is to effectively compete on a World stage.

There are places where bribes and payoffs are part of life if one is to do business there. Iran was such a place. Where there is the opportunity of a worthwhile and honest profit to be earned, to abandon such profit to those of lesser ethics is to cut one’s own nose off to spite one’s own face.

Even idealists who travel abroad to “help the poor” must be ever aware so as not to return with fleas and/or bedbugs.

By: paintcan Sat, 17 Dec 2011 15:43:30 +0000 OOTS writes – The “economic miracle” that is America is real. That is why virtually every person capable of relocating to America “votes with their feet” not only to do so, but to stay once here (illegal immigrants obviously excepted). The opportunity here is not uniform or perfect, but it is no illusion. America is and will remain the “best country on Earth” for those who value opportunity over unearned leisure and security.

You’re out of it. You do believe the propaganda. It’s very beautiful propaganda to be sure. But actually, as my Brazilian friend has been educating me over the years, Europeans, Africans, the Chinese, SE Asians, were relocating to every country on earth that would have them. They didn’t move away from the very stratified economies of Europe to breath free but to breathe at all. The planet is flooded with “illegal” and legal immigrants and migrant workers and they all get the same suspicion and resentment wherever they are. And any place they can survive and possibly thrive, is their golden bowl. And many countries treat them even more harshly. The “socialists” or “liberals” tend to be the people who complain the most when that abuse becomes most obvious.

And name one political, economic or even religious truth on the face of the earth that hasn’t been and can’t still be sneered at or hasn’t been shot through with special exceptions and yards of bookshelf space of discussion about it’s benefits and inadequacies? Try to name one? The truth you see so plainly may not be able to stand the scorching light of day?

For a staunch believer in do-it-by your own bootstraps, you are actually saying that you want the government to come to your rescue with massive government work programs like the CCC and WPA. Keep talking, your contradictions are showing. Where’s the truth?

And if at anytime while you were working selling hospital facilities to the Shah, you also made some under the table payoffs to get the contract, than your “hard earned efforts” take on a very different meaning.

If my education is lacking, it’s because in some ways education can’t keep pace with the new world disorder. They are out of breath and “they can’t go home”. I went to HS and college during the Vietnam War era. That was not a time conducive to the government line, to a single and domineering point of view and it certainly isn’t conducive to concentration. The Chinese had it worse. They had the Cultural Revolution. Those people couldn’t tell one year to the next what was approved or disapproved by the official line.

By: borisjimbo Sat, 17 Dec 2011 07:09:29 +0000 Unremarkably enough, certain members of Congress are balking at making themselves subject to insider trading bans. As to “where’s the prosecution”, this story is outdated as of today.

By: Tou Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:16:03 +0000 You missed the entire point. Tax evasion in the US is done by lobbying for loopholes, not fiddling the books. And it is huge compared to other countries which haven’t stumbled onto this approach.

By: WeWereWallSt Fri, 16 Dec 2011 15:50:49 +0000 Crime on Wall Street? There’s no crime on Wall Street. We’re just misunderstood. If the 99% would get off their backsides and go get an MBA from an elite business school, like we did, they’d understand.

We explain how it works in simple terms here:

Go after the real crooks, like food-stamp fraudsters, and leave us alone. We’re working to increase your trickle-down share. That’s good for society. See? It all evens out in the long run.

By: OneOfTheSheep Fri, 16 Dec 2011 01:32:07 +0000 @Matthewslyman,

You have allowed your attention to be distracted from that is of most importance to that of lesser importance. NO party and NO INDIVIDUAL is going to SERIOUSLY mount and maintain the effort necessary to CHANGE THE CULTURE of Washington and balance the budget by reducing spending AND auditing present spending recipients and amounts without the extreme financial pressure of yet ANOTHER spending limit broach (which, fiscally, is another symptom of fiscal lack of will and failure) and an ever-increasing deficit.

It would be folly to reduce the sense of urgency absolutely essential to initiate such fundamental change. Increasing tax revenue in ANY manner at present without prior reductions and the establishment of meaningful spending priorities by Congress is to apply a bandage to an open hemorrhaging wound. Just as bandages and plasma are scarce and valuable resources on the battlefield, it is equally important to perceive that this country has been in a battle for it’s financial heart and soul for some time and it’s very survival as an economic engine for good in the world is seriously in question.

To “transfuse more plasma” (increase tax revenue) before reducing the rate of hemorrhage essentially squanders a necessary healing effect. If the existing financial pressure is thus reduced, the likely result would be the indefinite extension of a status quo substantially agreed to be unsustainable. That, to me, would be irresponsible to the point of stupidity.

All of the things that so alarm you (and me) have been going on for years. The U.S. is NOT going to “bleed to death” between now and the next election. With the financial health of the Euro and Europe itself on life support for the indefinite future, the U.S. dollar remains, however badly abused by it’s government, a more practical basis for commerce than gold.

The U.S. government needs major surgery that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE and that no one has experience doing. This is NOT a task to be rushed, but one to be carefully planned and executed to achieve specific goals. It something we best do RIGHT rather than QUICK. Understand that you are, at best, an observer overseas with an incomplete frame of reference and a desire for a “safe” way to proceed. For an undertaking such as this, there is no “safe” way to proceed.

The Obama administration has been an utter failure in finding and funding “shovel-ready projects” to reverse the deteoriation of U.S. infrastructure. We need a WPA or CCC type effort to hire, organize and utilize the unemployed at minimum wage on a massive scale much in the same way that the U.S. trained pilots, navigators, bombadiers, navigators, mechanics, gunners, etc. in WW II in a short time.

The union pork of Davis-Bacon on federal projects is a political luxury never justified that “we, the people”, can no longer afford. Far, far better to spend federal money to do that which needs to be done than continue to pay “benefits” to able-bodied people to sit home, watch TV and visit Walmart.

It was once “standard procedure” in American classrooms for children to recite that which a teacher wanted them to LEARN. The fact that people who think as paintcan thinks could go through our educational system FIVE YEARS beyond high school and still claim not to be able to recognize “truths” is evidence of an epic fail to create and sustain the informed electorate upon which our republic, past, present and future, depends.

There is a difference between propaganda and truth. The European belief that socialism is a viable concept of government has arisen from propaganda. Truth is that socialism can not sustain the spark of incentive each of us is born with as the American hybrid of capitalism does. The unsustainability of the socialist government “model” is ever-increasingly obvious in adverse financial times. That system must evolve or be replaced.

While the disease of unsustainabilty also infects America, it is less serious. There is no alternate superior economic system to consider as an alternative to the American hybrid of capitalism. NONE! The overall and continuing success of the American “model” for almost two centuries is not “propaganda”, as you infer, and to which inference I take specific offense.

The “economic miracle” that is America is real. That is why virtually every person capable of relocating to America “votes with their feet” not only to do so, but to stay once here (illegal immigrants obviously excepted). The opportunity here is not uniform or perfect, but it is no illusion. America is and will remain the “best country on Earth” for those who value opportunity over unearned leisure and security.

Our “cards” have long been “on the table” for all to see. They are the “winning hand”. Those living elsewhere can only read ‘em and weep!