By David Cay Johnston
The views expressed are his own.

President Barack Obama this week started pitching his plan to cut U. S. taxes for everyone in 2012 and then in 2013 raise income tax rates for high earners, primarily those making more than $1 million, many of whom bear a lighter burden than a cop married to a nurse.

Two responses are certain.

There will be claims that economic ruin will follow once taxes go up. Never mind the proposed 2012 tax cuts are for virtually everyone. Never mind that the modest rate hikes would apply only to those who make more than 97 percent of their fellow Americans with most of the burden on those making more than $1 million. Never mind IRS data showing that tens of thousands of those whose increased taxes would increase their income tax rate by just 1.2 percentage points make more in a year than the median family earns in a lifetime.

Obama has also set a clever trap for anti-tax Republicans. Obama’s American Jobs Act would lower Social Security taxes for all workers and for all businesses in 2012. Republicans who vote against the bill would be voting against a tax cut. They would also be voting against a huge business tax break, letting business immediately write off all capital investments made in 2012.

The other, more pernicious attack will be on the best funded, most effective and most efficient government program around: Social Security.

The latest assault on Social Security comes from Governor Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican presidential hopeful who insists that social insurance for widows, orphans, the disabled and the old is a Ponzi scheme.