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Sep 30, 2009

Nations offer alternatives at climate pact talks

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Negotiators at U.N. climate talks on Wednesday tried to break the deadlock on finance and steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions as a string of reports warned of dire consequences from global warming.

Delegates from about 180 nations are meeting in the Thai capital to try to narrow differences over how to share the burden in the fight against climate change before a December deadline to agree on a broad outline of a pact to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Sep 30, 2009

Typhoon shows need to act on climate: Philippines

BANGKOK (Reuters) – The Philippines urged rich nations at U.N. climate talks on Wednesday to toughen emissions cuts, saying the typhoon that hit the country this week was a taste of future effects of climate change on poor nations.

Typhoon Ketsana killed 246 people and triggered widespread flooding in the capital Manila.

Sep 29, 2009

Indonesia CO2 pledge to help climate talks: greens

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Environmentalists on Tuesday welcomed Indonesia’s pledge to substantially cut the growth of its greenhouse gas emissions, saying the promise could help talks on crafting a broader global pact to fight climate change.

Indonesia is the world’s third largest greenhouse emitter and steps by big developing nations to curb their emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases are a key focus of U.N.-led climate talks under way in the Thai capital until Oct 9.

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