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Sep 29, 2015

Canada farmers, upset over trade talks, take cows to Parliament

OTTAWA, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Unhappy Canadian dairy farmers
parked dozens of tractors in central Ottawa and walked their
cows down the main street opposite Parliament on Tuesday to
protest trade talks they said could cripple them.

Canada is one of 12 Pacific Rim countries trying to nail
down a trade deal in Atlanta this week. The United States, New
Zealand and Australia want Canada to start dismantling a system
of tariffs that keep domestic prices high and imports expensive.

Sep 29, 2015

U.S., Russia ignoring Canada, PM Harper to blame -opposition

OTTAWA, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Opposition leaders said that
neither Russia nor the United States listened to Canada because
of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s approach to
foreign policy and what they said was an abandonment of

Justin Trudeau of the Liberals and Thomas Mulcair of the New
Democrats said on Monday during a televised debate that Harper
had marginalized Canada’s influence abroad. They face an
election on Oct. 19.

Sep 29, 2015

Canada will aggressively push merits of Keystone pipeline -PM

OTTAWA, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen
Harper said on Monday he would keep aggressively pushing the
merits of TransCanada Corp’s Keystone XL pipeline,
which U.S. President Barack Obama appears likely to veto soon.

Harper has pressed Washington to approve the pipeline,
variously describing the project as a “no brainer”, saying he
would not “take no for an answer” and expressing the conviction
the project will eventually get the green light.

Sep 29, 2015

Canada opposition says PM betraying nation’s reputation abroad

OTTAWA, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Canadian opposition leaders
criticised Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday, saying he
had betrayed the nation’s reputation abroad by abandoning its
commitment to multilateralism and helping those in trouble.

Justin Trudeau of the Liberals and Thomas Mulcair of the New
Democrats – in a tight race with Harper’s Conservatives ahead of
an Oct. 19 election – said during a televised debate that Harper
needed to take in many more refugees fleeing Syria.

Sep 28, 2015

Canada election could shift foreign policy back to multilateralism

OTTAWA, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Stephen Harper
has dramatically changed Canada’s position in the world, moving
away from multilateralism to a more muscular stance, but an
election could bring a new approach critics hope will win more
friends abroad.

The ruling Conservatives say they’ve taken the moral high
ground in their nine years in power, shunning messy diplomatic
compromises while resolutely backing allies such as Israel and
Ukraine and contributing to the fight against Islamic State.

Sep 26, 2015

Canada opposition Liberals vow crackdown on tax loopholes

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s opposition Liberal Party, under fire for promising to run budget deficits if they win an Oct 19 election, said on Saturday they would raise billions by cracking down on tax loopholes and trimming expenditure.

Most recent polls show the center-left Liberals stuck on around 30 percent with both the rival New Democrats and the ruling right-of-center Conservatives, who are trying to pull off a rare fourth consecutive victory.

Sep 25, 2015

Canada’s Liberals try to boost share of important immigrant vote

OTTAWA, Sept 25 (Reuters) – Canada’s opposition Liberals,
locked in a three-way tie ahead of an Oct. 19 election, promised
on Friday to do more for the immigrant community, which used to
vote en masse for the party but has since drifted away.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said he would boost the number
of family members who could join immigrants already in Canada,
saying this would help drive a sluggish economy.

Sep 25, 2015

Rivals accuse Canadian PM of pushing ban on veils to win votes

OTTAWA, Sept 24 (Reuters) – Canada’s two main opposition
leaders accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper in an election
debate on Thursday of trying to win votes by pushing a ban on
Muslim women’s face coverings during citizenship ceremonies.

Harper’s Conservatives, locked in a tight race with the New
Democrats and the Liberals ahead of an Oct. 19 election, say
people wishing to become Canadians must show their faces.

Sep 18, 2015

Canada must be part of Pacific pact, automakers might suffer: PM

OTTAWA, Sept 17 (Reuters) – Canada must sign up to a
proposed 12-nation Pacific trade pact, even though the country’s
auto makers might not be happy with some of the conditions,
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Thursday.

Trade ministers failed to clinch the Trans-Pacific
Partnership at a meeting in late July amid disagreements over
sectors such as autos and dairy.

Sep 18, 2015

Canadian PM, on campaign offensive, bashes rivals over economy

OTTAWA, Sept 17 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen
Harper, taking the offensive after an election campaign marred
by setbacks and missteps, on Thursday said his rivals would
badly damage the economy if they took power.

With polls showing a tight three-way race ahead of the Oct.
19 vote, Harper needs to break away from his two center-left
opponents if his right-leaning Conservatives are to have any
chance of extending their near 10-year term in office.

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